Friday, August 31, 2012

School Firsts

Last week Reagan and Claire started Kindergarten.  Let me repeat...Reagan and Claire started Kindergarten.  We were all a little nervous to start down this path  but between meeting their teacher at science camp earlier this summer, meet the teacher night and kindergarten orientation we felt like we could tackle this. 

Kindy orientation

(a demonstration of how hard it is to photograph twins)

Their teacher Miss Cara has been amazing at making them comfortable.  It definitely makes it easier though that they were at the same building the last two years for preschool, they just go upstairs instead of downstairs now.  There are eighteen kids in the class and they have Miss Cara and her teacher assistant.  For the beginning of the year they will work on reading mastery, math skills and religion.  They love their "specials" of course!  They have phys ed, technology, art, music and Spanish this year.  Mass is once a week. 

So far reports from Miss Cara have all been smiley faces. 

Here are some pics from the first day. I only cried a little. 

Caroline started preschool this week!  She has Mrs. Johnson.  So far so good.  She is happy to be in the same building as her brother and sister!
My Caterpillar

Chicago Marathon

No this has nothing to do with running...

The weekend before the kids started school we decided to do a quick trip to Chicago.  It's three hours, sometimes less, from our hourse and yet we had never taken the kiddos.  So let's change that...the weekend before school starts.  Okay not as ideal but we did deal.  We even dealt with a closed highway on our way there, instead of I65 for part of the way we were on one lane farm roads.  We saw lots of corn.  When we (finally) arrived in Chicago G&G A were there waiting for us and Uncle Lance too!  Yay!  It's so nice to have all hands oin deck, especially with three little kids in a big city. 

The main purpose of this trip was Shedd Aquarium.  The kids love the fish, dolphins and sharks at our zoo so we knew they would love Shedd.  They did!  It's a great place to spend the day.  We saw octupus, giant disgusting catfish, penguins, beluga whales, sharks etc etc etc

The kids absolutely LOVED the 4D movie, Ice Age.  I wish I had a pic of them in the 3D glasses laughing hysterically at the characters on screen.  Claire stopped laughing though when one character sneezed and "snot" came flying at her.  "Ewwwww that's disgusting, cover your mouth!"

The only let down was the dolphin show...not comfy seats and pretty darn boring if you ask me.  Maybe I expected it to be too circusy? 

Here are some pics of the day...not much more happened after that.  The kids ran around the hotel and took hours and hours to fall asleep.  I was afraid we were going to get kicked out when grandpa was pushing the girls down the hall in an office chair while they giggled and laughed.  Sorry neighbors!

Grandma with kids in front of man hugging whale? statue...

(no flash photography allowed in the Shedd)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy birthday Daddy...

Thanks Jennifer for taking these pics for us for Father's Day this year!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fair Firsts

OMG.  It's been almost a year since my last post.  What better reason to post again than to mark something off my bucket list...?

63.  Marry Justin Verlander
64. Attend State Fair
65. Solve world hunger

Can you guess which one happened?

 Farmer Boy!

 Seed Caps fit perfectly


 This calf Claire is petting is only a few days old and weighed close to 85 pounds, awesome for that Mom!

The kids and I had a great day with our friends-Jennifer, Henry and Eleanor.  I'm sad I didn't try this earlier and sad I didn't bring a stroller or a wagon...three year olds get heavy.  We spent today recovering but I'm planning to go back Thursday with girlfriends, I still haven't tried a deep fried snickers.