Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Fall?!

When the sun is shining, you have to keep the air on and the weatherman says another week of 80 degree temps it's hard to believe it really is fall. But alas it is...

Reagan and Claire are full steam ahead at school. This year they go MWF from 8-12:30, it's a big enough chunk of time that Caroline and I can get things done. In school they have been baking, working on their writing, playing on the playground, and getting messy with paint. They LOVE their teachers and even tell them "I love you" sometimes when they leave in the afternoon. Today was their first field trip, to a pumpkin patch. They were most excited that they got to ride on the bus...and the bus had no seat belts! I guess that's fun when you are four but when you are thirty something it's just not the same.

The leaves on the trees are just starting to change. I noticed as Caroline and I drove up Meridian today while running some errands. It was such a beautiful day, except for the fact that Caroline had forced me to listen to Veggie tales again it would have been perfect.

I packed up the kids summer clothes this past weekend, what a chore. A pile of clothing up to my waist, trying to decide what might fit who next year, what to keep, toss, sell...keeping track of wardrobes is a full time job in itself. I had the hardest time putting away the swimsuits, we might still use them in doors but it's just not the same as the outdoor pool at the Y, that we spent a lot of time at this summer or the BEACH!

The final straw that it's fall was actually today while bathing the kids, their tan lines were all almost faded. It didn't matter how much sun screen I lathered on them they still ended up with tan lines, I wish it was that easy for me.

We are excited for Halloween, apple pie, pumpkins and jumping in leaves but we are really going to miss this...