Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vroom Vroom

This past weekend was a big weekend if you live in Indianapolis. Every year this town goes Ape Crazy? for 33 cars speeding around an oval. Sure they go fast-think 225ish mph-put your arm up in the air and you'll probably tear up your shoulder. Try to take a picture of a car going that fast with a point and shoot-not easy. Well some 300,000 people go to this "greatest spectacle in racing". (We don't really know how many exactly because the George family is weird like that).

Recently, well more like for over the past year, our children have turned into true Hoosier and become obsessed with this "racing thing". Not just any racing- Indycar. Don't go trying to sell them on Nascar. Reagan has already been through many drivers, he started on Helio, then Dario and now he is a Will Power fan. Guess who the girls like....Danica. Argh. What a great role model right? Oh well, better than Paris Hilton.

We took the kids to Qualifying a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. For $20 we got parking and two tickets, kids were free! Cheap family entertainment-another reason to love racing? Also we got to bring our own food and drinks in-SCORE! We all had a wonderful time, pretty sure Reagan could have watched for days.

To be continued!

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