Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quotes of the week

Reagan and Claire go to a Catholic school. They learn about God making the earth, people, animals etc. They sometimes like to ask- "Did God make the lamp, Did He make the tv?" One day we were discussing the ocean, they have been doing a project on the ocean at school. I asked Reagan "Who do you think made the ocean?". He said-"The fifth graders"...of course.

Today we visited friends in Michigan. Claire played with their daughter who is a year older than she is. I told Claire it was time to leave and she turned to their daughter and said "It was very nice to meet you". It was adorable!

Reagan requested today in the car that we sing the MSU fight song, because we're in Michigan.

This past week we had an ice storm-three days of canceled events, don't get me started!-Reagan told me that ice is made out of glass...sure looks like it buddy!

Caroline has an amazing vocabulary for a two year old. She takes a bite of food and exclaims "delicious!". Of course she also says "I stink" and points to herself. I think maybe Reagan taught her that. The two of them are very goofy together, they definitely keep me entertained!

Reagan asks me every time I open a new box of food if I bought the food at Target. It's quite funny. He also likes to ask me about everything I give him if I bought it at the store for him. If I say "yes" he says "Thank you mom! I love you!". Awwwww, that's momma's boy!

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  1. Sweet, sweet momma's boy.
    Social Claire!
    And, Caroline, sometimes I stink too.