Thursday, December 9, 2010

I don't want a lot for Christmas...

(Thank you Mariah Carey for the amazing song that led to the amazing title of this post...)

Everyone is our house is getting ready for Christmas, including me! Due to this fact I'm running low on inspiring blog posts and even pictures of my cute children in front on the tree. (Hopefully that will come soon, right Jennifer?)

So instead here are some of what they have been up to...

Last Saturday we took our friends Matt and Laura, in town from Michigan, and went to get a tree. Once home and almost decorated Claire decided that we should put the star on top...and that the perfect song for this occasion would be the ABC's. It was pure magic.

Speaking of Claire my darling three year old who cannot sit still in mass but insists that she "loves church". She recently told her father who was sitting on the couch to "stand up". He complied, she then told him to "do like this" and she bowed. So he did. After that she said "now eat this" and gave him a pretend piece of food. Next he was told to "drink the water". Finally she told him to "go sit down again". And that in a nutshell is what Claire thinks being a Catholic is all about...her version of receiving communion.

Last night we went to preschool for a birthday party for Jesus. We were surprised to find out that Reagan has several friends. Not that he wouldn't but we expected Claire to be into the "friend thing" and Reagan to just go play with trains. He apparently does have a following at school. We met several of his "school" friends, including Nathan. Who is apparently quiet fond of the little guy and proceed to introduce himself to me(he just turned four) and then chased my son around the gym for 30 minutes. Gotta love boys!

What to say about Caroline...let's just say that we are down approximately six to seven ornaments since Saturday. Today she threw one, smashed it, then got out her play broom to sweep it all up. Like she planned it. Every morning she tells her Dad to "go take a shower" and points him to the bathroom. She is a little ball of fun but I'm going to have my hands full, that you can count on!

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