Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Never in my life did I think...

potty training would be so difficult.

I could get that excited about poop in the potty.

life could get crazier than it already was.

working from home would translate to "working all the time".

I woud be so grateful for all the craziness.

I could complain more but this is what I wanted. Getting the kids (well at least the first two)wasn't easy but it's what I dreamed of and more. I spent the morning with other moms discussing raising girls. I spent the afternoon in the sun on a beautiful fall days with my friends and my children's friends at the park. I spent the evening relaxing with my husband(and working a little!). Feeling tired, but very blessed!

Will update with pics soon! And yes, I think I might be down to one child in diapers!!!! Woohoo!

1 comment:

  1. Amanda--I feel you with the working from home tagline--that is the downfall to the 'flexibility'! Congrats on the potty training success!