Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interview with a Toddler

This morning I had a hard hitting interview with twins Reagan and Claire. They've been on the scene for over three years now and this is my first time sitting down with them...


Favorite color- Red(oddly the same color as my pen...)
Favorite Movie- Cars
Favorite Food- Peas(asked to specify and he says he likes the crunchy baked Trader Joes kind-reporter speculates that Reagan could be a spokesperson for Trader Joes...)
Best friend-Thomas, no Henry, Thomas and Henry
Favorite Toy- A car
Lucky number- 10
Favorite animal- Tiger
Favorite place to go- library


Favorite color- purple
Favorite movie-"Princess" (she loves the free Fisher Price dvd that is 10 minutes long, she watches it over and over and over...)
Favorite food CAKE!
Best friend- Eleanor (because she can say it?)
Favorite toy- babies (last thing she played with as well)
Lucky number- 8
Favorite animal- Lion (are my kids Detroit fans or something?)
Favorite place to go- Restaurant

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