Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh the things we say...

Today I told Claire I loved her, she told me she loved ice cream. In her defense, so do I.

When asked what she likes Claire says Princesses, clouds, sunshine and ice cream. (girly girl alert!). I asked her again today what she likes and she just said Princess, so I asked what else and she said "more princesses".

Yesterday Reagan was sitting at the table having a snack and started goofing off with Caroline, it got a little out of hand so I said "Do you want me to take away your life?". Luckily his snack was Life cereal.

Today at the grocery store with Reagan and Claire we stopped to get some alcoholic beverages for Daddy but Claire asked out of the blue "That for Uncle Lance". What a great Uncle/Godfather.

One time when I was putting Reagan in his car seat he bumped his head, now EVERY TIME I got to put him in he says "Mom don't hurt me". Just what I want the people parked next to me to hear!

While riding the mechanical horse (1 penny at Meijer best bargain in town!) Reagan and Claire throw one arm the in air like they are going to lasso something and yell Giddy up! It's hilarious, I have no idea where they learn these things.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interview with a Toddler

This morning I had a hard hitting interview with twins Reagan and Claire. They've been on the scene for over three years now and this is my first time sitting down with them...


Favorite color- Red(oddly the same color as my pen...)
Favorite Movie- Cars
Favorite Food- Peas(asked to specify and he says he likes the crunchy baked Trader Joes kind-reporter speculates that Reagan could be a spokesperson for Trader Joes...)
Best friend-Thomas, no Henry, Thomas and Henry
Favorite Toy- A car
Lucky number- 10
Favorite animal- Tiger
Favorite place to go- library


Favorite color- purple
Favorite movie-"Princess" (she loves the free Fisher Price dvd that is 10 minutes long, she watches it over and over and over...)
Favorite food CAKE!
Best friend- Eleanor (because she can say it?)
Favorite toy- babies (last thing she played with as well)
Lucky number- 8
Favorite animal- Lion (are my kids Detroit fans or something?)
Favorite place to go- Restaurant