Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doubley Blessed

When I found out (almost four years ago...wow!) that we were pregnant with not just one but two babies I have to admit I wasn't completely excited at first. Telling people you are pregnant with twins definitely gets you a reaction and it goes two ways for the most part-

"Oh wow you are so lucky!"


"OH, WOW...what are you going to do?"

I most definitely started out in the "what are we going to do category". Here we are living 4 hours away from any family in a new city. I had one friend(Tara!). That's it...

Enter Northside Twins and Multiples Club. A group of ladies who get together once a month for meetings and many times a month for Mom's night out, play groups, etc etc. Once I got over the first few meeting jitters this group became a true blessing to me. I met many great people including a group of ladies who have twins close in age to mine. We get together several times a week if we can for the park, zoo, children's museum and lunch dates at each other's houses. When we are away my children go into withdrawal and so do I.

I can now say that I have plenty of friends in Indianapolis-most of them have something special in common with me that I realize IS a blessing, twins! So what if my children now think everyone comes in pairs(even Caroline), they have some amazing friends for three year olds(and a one year old).

Thanks ladies(and kids)!

and thanks for the pic again jennifer...