Monday, May 31, 2010

Red, White and Pink

We had the All-American weekend. We started it going strawberry picking on Thursday, nine pounds of strawberries later Mommy had no idea what to do with all the juicy red berries Claire and friends had picked. (Reagan and Caroline came but chose to mostly not participate). I finally ended up making strawberry topping to go with pound cake(yum), freezing some and sharing with neighbors.

Saturday we went to a parade, what's more American on Memorial weekend than that? Add to that the fact that it's the Indy 500 festival parade and you've had the recipe for a great afternoon. We enjoyed watching the floats, balloons, and drivers drive by us. We also enjoyed the mostly "D" list celebs-Florence Henderson(Hoosier native), the Pointer sisters, Ashley Judd and the Baha Men(yes, I know this doesn't even count as "d" list, but I HAD to mention it).

Reagan absolutely LOVED the parade-esp anything race car related, he's a true Hoosier!

All American Girl

We also spent time with Family. Ryan's parent came down for a visit. The kids loved it. they went to breakfast, help in the yard(woohoo!) and we all enjoyed some good grilled food thanks to Ryan.

Of course you might be wondering where the pink comes in... No it's not the outfit Caroline wore on Friday, or Claire's second favorite color(purple is first of course). No, it was the diagnosis Reagan got Monday morning at Urgent eye. Oh the Joys of being a parent!

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  1. ugh...sorry you had a damper on the holiday, but sounds like you made the best of it--love C in the pigtails!