Friday, May 7, 2010

If I weren't a Mother...

I wouldn't get to go to the zoo once a week

I wouldn't get to buy tutu's and tiaras

I wouldn't blow bubbles

I wouldn't have met some of my amazing friends

I wouldn't get Mom's night outs

I would be caught up on my laundry

I wouldn't get sunburns in the middle of the week

I wouldn't get to explain why they sky is blue or grass is green

I wouldn't stay up all night holding a sick baby

I wouldn't know what Dinosaur Train or Caillou was

I wouldn't need "special" carts at the grocery store

I wouldn't be a part of the twins "club"

I wouldn't know what MOPS stood for

I wouldn't be posting this blog

And I wouldn't get to look at these faces every day...

PS Thanks for the pics Jennifer!


  1. Great post Amanda--I may steal the theme for my post this weekend--and awesome pics Jennifer!

  2. Great post--very true and beautifully written.

    (And you're very welcome for the pics. Thank YOU for letting me shove a camera in your cute kids' faces)

  3. LOVE this post. So glad you're a mom so I can share these things with you!