Monday, May 31, 2010

Red, White and Pink

We had the All-American weekend. We started it going strawberry picking on Thursday, nine pounds of strawberries later Mommy had no idea what to do with all the juicy red berries Claire and friends had picked. (Reagan and Caroline came but chose to mostly not participate). I finally ended up making strawberry topping to go with pound cake(yum), freezing some and sharing with neighbors.

Saturday we went to a parade, what's more American on Memorial weekend than that? Add to that the fact that it's the Indy 500 festival parade and you've had the recipe for a great afternoon. We enjoyed watching the floats, balloons, and drivers drive by us. We also enjoyed the mostly "D" list celebs-Florence Henderson(Hoosier native), the Pointer sisters, Ashley Judd and the Baha Men(yes, I know this doesn't even count as "d" list, but I HAD to mention it).

Reagan absolutely LOVED the parade-esp anything race car related, he's a true Hoosier!

All American Girl

We also spent time with Family. Ryan's parent came down for a visit. The kids loved it. they went to breakfast, help in the yard(woohoo!) and we all enjoyed some good grilled food thanks to Ryan.

Of course you might be wondering where the pink comes in... No it's not the outfit Caroline wore on Friday, or Claire's second favorite color(purple is first of course). No, it was the diagnosis Reagan got Monday morning at Urgent eye. Oh the Joys of being a parent!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Is that even a word? I might need to look it up, it's one of Claire's favorite things to say and I would hate to think I'm letting things like this go. Actually I let it go when she says a lot of things incorrectly, I can't help it, I'm definitely not an expert(although her father and both Aunts surely are). She miss uses "Me" and "I" on a regular basis but I won't complain, she is talking up a storm, a year ago I was worried she wasn't talking enough.

Reagan has also come a long way, especially physically. The little boy who didn't walk until 18 months can now swing from monkey bars, climb rock walls and beat his sister in a race(sometimes he can even beat Claire...).

Caroline is growing by leaps and bounds. She has a little bump on her head from climbing on top of the ottoman and falling off. She yells, literally yells, all kinds of words now(mama, dada, crackers, Claire, dog, nose, etc etc). She also brushes her teeth and partially undresses herself for bath time-she wants to be just like the twins. I can't believe my BABY is so grown up!

Enjoy some recent pictures...

My little monkey
She can"do it myself!"
Big girl eating an apple(or as she would say "APPLE!")
So Proud or herself(and I'm proud of them too, can you tell?)
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Friday, May 7, 2010

If I weren't a Mother...

I wouldn't get to go to the zoo once a week

I wouldn't get to buy tutu's and tiaras

I wouldn't blow bubbles

I wouldn't have met some of my amazing friends

I wouldn't get Mom's night outs

I would be caught up on my laundry

I wouldn't get sunburns in the middle of the week

I wouldn't get to explain why they sky is blue or grass is green

I wouldn't stay up all night holding a sick baby

I wouldn't know what Dinosaur Train or Caillou was

I wouldn't need "special" carts at the grocery store

I wouldn't be a part of the twins "club"

I wouldn't know what MOPS stood for

I wouldn't be posting this blog

And I wouldn't get to look at these faces every day...

PS Thanks for the pics Jennifer!