Sunday, February 21, 2010

Very Bad Blogger!

I have been horrible at updating this blog lately! I would say I will get better but I don't want to lie.

I can't believe I only have one more month to say I have three kids under Three, time flies. Caroline turned one last month and we celebrated with some friends, pizza and cupcakes! It was so fun and I do have pictures to post thanks to a friend, but it won't be until later, sorry!

We picked a preschool for Reagan and Claire to start next year, I still can't believe they will heading off to school, granted it's two half days a week. Caroline and I will have lots of time to get errands done, it should be great for all of us!

And now for what you've been waiting for...

Sledding...Uncle Lance took them last Monday.

Caroline is big girl now, she has been walking for over a month

She loves fruit, including rasberries

Uncle Lance with his three favorite nieces and nephews.