Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Blogger...very bad!

Yeah, I know, it's been a looonnngggg time since I've posted anything. My excuse? I HAVE THREE KIDS! Of course I'm mean that in the nicest way possible. We have been super busy with playgroups, doctors appointments (the well kind) Mommy nights out, book clubs, family visits, carving pumpkins (see below), gymnastics, etc etc etc!

I'll give you the run down one by one starting with the oldest (at a whopping 2.5 years old and nine minutes older than the next child)

Reagan is doing great! Both he and Claire will be done with speech therapy in December, while we will be sad to see Ms. Allie go it means that we have good news too, they have caught up to their peers! It's amazing some of the conversations we have with them now. Reagan can be a pretty goofy guy but also has his moments where he insists everyone follow "the rules". Like saying "your welcome" after he says "thank you". The waitress at a restaurant earlier this month learned the hard way that you BETTER respond to the extremely polite two year old or he will not be so polite anymore.

Claire is also doing well with speech and turning into what could be considered a little lady if she actually wanted to act like a lady ever. Don't get me wrong, she can be quite cute and in public for the most part she behaves but she is a two year old. She absolutely loves gymnastics-her favorite being jumping on the trampoline and hanging on the bars and rings-I still can't get over how strong she is on those things! She loves dips now but we laugh because she is constantly confusing ketchup for syrup and vice versa-although maybe when you are two ketchup would be good on pancakes? She also loves orange juice but instead of asking for juice she asks for yellow milk-mmmmm doesn't that sound good?

Caroline just had her 9 month check up-what happened to my baby? She is 19 pounds and 3 ounces-right in the middle of that growth charts. Yes the doctor confirmed it, she is perfect! She is now eating table food, having never developed a taste for baby food. She is learning to use a sippy cup because just like the baby food thing, she isn't into bottles. Last week she started pulling herself up and now I find her doing this everywhere, she is on a mission to grow up fast so she can hang with the "big kids".

I leave you with some pics of this past weekend at my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jerry's house. We carved pumpkins, went on a hayride and ate soup-the perfect fall day.