Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Where We Belong

We've had a busy summer and to cap it off we just went to Michigan to visit the Wilmering side of the family and have Caroline's baptism at G & G Wilmering's church. It was a lot of fun playing with Auntie Cortney and Auntie Katie. I think Claire made everyone read her Green Eggs and Ham about 250 times and Reagan pointed to every truck on every street and every plane in the sky. It's fun to share them with the family, especially now that their personalities are really coming out, even Caroline's! Caroline has really started growing up fast on me! She has two bottom teeth and has been army crawling ALL over the house. She's still not a huge fan of baby food but I can't blame her. I'm confident that once she can start some real food she'll got after it with a gusto!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Touch a Truck aka Throw a Tantrum

Recently I took the kids to a great FREE event up in Carmel. There in a huge parking lot were tons of cars and trucks the kids could touch (who would have guessed...), look at and climb in. Of course Reagan was super excited. Have I ever mentioned he LOVES trucks and cars. If you ask him which he likes better his answer is usually "cartruck". I'm not sure what that means. We checked out two different fire trucks a bus and a police car! That was fun.

The bad parts were...
1.Waiting in line with two two year olds
2. Waiting in live with two two year olds on a hot parking lot
3. Waiting in line with two two year olds and then having someone cut in front of us!
4. Waiting in line with two two year olds while one is throwing a tantrum on the ground
5. Did I mention waiting in line with two two year olds and a BABY strapped to me?

I'm glad we went but I'm hoping outings get better!

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