Thursday, April 30, 2009

These are a few of our favorite things

Claire-strawberries, clementines, the creme in the middle of a sandwich cookie
Reagan- Freeze driend strawberries, freeze dried pears, freeze dried apples
Caroline- Breastmilk, gas drops, breastmilk

Claire-everything but only for 5 seconds at a time, purses and hats, books
Reagan-cars, trucks and balls(all boy), puzzles
Caroline-her hands, you should check them out, they are amazing!

Claire- anywhere with a playset, grandmas houses
Reagan-outside, outside, outside
Caroline-a lap or a shoulder

Not too much new going on here. We are very sick of rain! The kids are holding their own but I'm not sure I can take another day of it. Ugh. We have our first free weekend in several weeks coming up. It will be nice to not do anything.

Recent cute Caroline story- She was sleeping upstairs and I heard her suddenly start screaming, I ran up the stairs to check it out and she is just laying there pulling her own hair...she had just grabbed on but hadn't perfected the whole letting go thing yet. As soon as I opened her fist she calmed down and went back to sleep.

Still brainstorming ideas for the new blog name...maybe something to do with being overcrowded in our little bungalow? We'll see.

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