Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello September...

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Wilmering. We went to the park and Reagan and Claire had fun playing in the dirt, swinging and going downt he slide. They love being outside and never want to leave.

Claire still loves to be a little girl. She gets her hair "done" every morning and is very patient. Every night she acts like a monkey! She runs accross the couch and hurls herself into the pillows laughing hysterically the whole time. Recently she also started understanding "It's time for bed", she walks right into her room and goes to the crib. Her favorites are still mostly books, especially ones she can "touch and feel".

Reagan is still mastering walking but is definitely more interested. He will stand himself up in the middle of the floor and walk to me, and then I must give him a big bear hug, still a cuddler! Reagan has started "counting". He will build a tower of blocks and then say "uh, two, two, uh" all while pointing at each block. It's so cute to see them imitate everything we do. They both still love the itsy bitsy spider!

In this pic Claire is holding about 8 toys that Reagan kept giving her, they love to share!

In baby news everything is going pretty well. I am now about 21 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound Friday and the baby looks great but the placenta is low. We are hoping it moves up as the space in their grows, usually they do move, until then I need to be a little more careful with heavy lifting (Hello two toddlers!) and only light exercise (darn!). In the case that it doesn't move I would need a c-section, so cross your fingers it moves!

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  1. love the new photos! I can't believe that Claire likes having her hair down--such a little girly girl!