Thursday, March 13, 2008


Oh how the time flies! I can't believe it happened. We survived a year of twins! I feel like it has flown by and that I've known them forever. It seems like such a cliche but it's true! I can't imagine my world with out them although some days I do want to runaway. Lately I've been hearing a lot of "Looks like you have your hands full" which I always just smile and nod at but sometimes it makes me think "Really? Does it look that bad?" "Do I look that bad?" Maybe someone needs to nominate me for What NOT To Wear!

Reagan is my little silly man! He loves to watch Sydney get into trouble and giggles at all her antics. He loves spinning wheels and finds a way to flip over all of his trucks so he can do just that. Reagan's favorites are dried mangos, being outside, getting tickled on his neck and Baby Einstein (It's good and evil). He cuddles with me but I have to watch it because he bites too! I'm sad that he is starting to look like a little boy. He did wonderfully at pictures today, all the ladies loved him.

Claire is so different from her brother. She sometimes makes no sense to me. At home she can be wild, jumping up and down in her crib while holding onto the rail. Throwing her pacifier across the room and banging on the walls. We go out and she will not be put down, no one else can hold her and she hides from people. I never would have said she is shy but people have been saying it all the time lately. Claire loves cheese! She also loves giving Mommy kisses (awwww, she leans in and kisses me on the mouth and smiles, she knows how to work it!), she loves chasing Sydney and drinking from her sippy cup. She is our little princess.

I'm just crossing my fingers that the next year will bring us just as much happiness, fun and luck! And I hope it goes a lot slower.

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