Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Princess...

I can't believe how much time flies. They are 11 months old today! That means in just one short month they will be one! Time has flown by.

Our little Claire has turned into quite the princess. She thinks she owns the place! I'm not sure how I ended up with a child with her nature but I suspect it comes from her Father's side of the family!

This morning as she was throwing cheerios on the floor Ryan told her to stop. So she did, kind of, she pretended to put one in her mouth then took it and threw it on the floor. All while smiling at Daddy!

Claire is also going through some seperation anxiety. Most of the problems are when I take them somewhere, like MOPS or the gym but also at home if we get a babysitter she cries.

I love getting her when they get up from naps because she is always standing there jumping up and down and squealing for me. It's so cute!

She has two teeth now and is using them to eat all her favorite. Mostly cheese, grilled cheese and cereal bars. Yum!
See my two teeth!
Look no hands!
All my hair!
Bad table manners.

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