Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playful Day...
I'm cute!
Big smile!
Play Ball
Time to cook!
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Close Up!
Who me?
So Big!
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Play x 2

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Little" Sis
I'm sweet!
I'm going to get you Sydney!
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The Big Guy!

He's Crawling! Last Sunday Unlce Lance came to visit and apparently that's all the motivation he needed! We are so happy for him. Just sorry he has a cold now!

Here are some pics from Friday night. He was in some mood!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Man

My little baby boy is starting to look like a big boy. He is a silly one too. Always smiling and laughing. He only cries when he is hungry for the most part so I know he is over tired when he cries because Claire stole one of "his" toys.

He is working on the crawling. He is able to get around fairly well, especially on the wood floors. He is able to get from laying down to sitting and all fours which is a great improvement. We only have him wearing his helmet at night right now and that may end soon as well.

Right now Reagan has six teeth with two more on the way! He loves to eat Cheerios and Gerber stars. He goes back and forth with his eating. One day he will eat a ton and the next he will only want the bottle. He will be a toughy I think when it comes to getting rid of that. At least he never took a pacifier!

I'm really looking forward to this summer with both of them. (Not that I want to wish away right now...) I just think it will be fun to take them out and about to parks and rides on the Monon Trail. I'm thinking about getting a bike trailer, we'll see.

Here are some pics of the "big" guy.
Playing in my room.
Big smile.
Thanks for the ride Dad!
I finally got it! (He had been working his way to that ball for some time!) I love that fluffy blonde hair!
The Princess...

I can't believe how much time flies. They are 11 months old today! That means in just one short month they will be one! Time has flown by.

Our little Claire has turned into quite the princess. She thinks she owns the place! I'm not sure how I ended up with a child with her nature but I suspect it comes from her Father's side of the family!

This morning as she was throwing cheerios on the floor Ryan told her to stop. So she did, kind of, she pretended to put one in her mouth then took it and threw it on the floor. All while smiling at Daddy!

Claire is also going through some seperation anxiety. Most of the problems are when I take them somewhere, like MOPS or the gym but also at home if we get a babysitter she cries.

I love getting her when they get up from naps because she is always standing there jumping up and down and squealing for me. It's so cute!

She has two teeth now and is using them to eat all her favorite. Mostly cheese, grilled cheese and cereal bars. Yum!
See my two teeth!
Look no hands!
All my hair!
Bad table manners.