Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Childrens museum fun!
Reagan plays in playscape area of Children's museum
Claire plays with green spikey ball at childrens museum

Last week we visited the Childrens museum with some of Reagan and Claire's friends. They had fun playing on the mats and watching the carousel go around!

Reagan smiling
Claire drooling

Reagan's head is much improved. He had an appointment last week and his measurements went from 2 cm to 4 mm. Yeah. He will continue to wear the helmet for at least a month. Today we recieved his 3 month report for First Steps physical therapy. He is doing well with PT but will also continue these services for the next three months. He needs to continue to work on reflexes-catching himself when he falls over, and using his left hand more.

We are also excited to say that Reagan is getting his second bottom tooth!

Claire is doing great. She loves to eat, just not formula. No teeth yet but we are thinking on soon possibly. She is working on her muscles to get ready to crawl!

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!

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