Saturday, September 29, 2007

Too Big!
Well it's time for another update on Reagan and Claire, so I hear. We will start with Claire because I know she was second born and I don't want her to have a complex about that for the rest of her life. She is doing great. She is definitely a little firecracker when you meet her. She enjoys screeching to the point of breaking windows and making the dog howl. Grandma W says this is good for her future singing. We shall see. She still does not have a lot of favorites when it comes too food. Her only real winner is rice cereal. She will occasionally give in and eat her fruits and veggies.
Claires latest "major accomplishment is sitting up. Yay! She does still occasionally fall over but she is mastering it very fast.
Claire says "hi"
Claire plays sitting up
Now for the "big guy", Reagan. He is doing quite well. Tuesday was the big helmet day. We went in the morning and he had to wear the thing for three hours that day and six hours the next. From then on it's 23 and a half hours a day. He does get a little tired but it has gone better than expected. He is sleeping pretty well with it. Our only complaint is that it gets so hot. Thank goodness this is not the middle of summer! In other Reagan news he loves to eat everything I give him. Including but not limited to peas(a favorite), sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, pears, apple sauce, bananas mashed up, yogurt, and so on. Oh and he likes chicken in a jar. This makes me want to gag but hey what can I do?
Reagan and Daddy watching a game.
Reagan showing off his new helmet, still handsome.

The whole family was happy to see G & G Adams this past week when they came to visit. They had fun taking the babies for walks and getting up with them in the middle of the night. Mommy and daddy really liked it too!

Now I am just sad that they are growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant. Where did the time go? They are both little people now and I can't imagine my life with out them!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yeah for Claire and Regan updates! I'm sure I must sound like some crazy stalker but they are soo cute and busy it sounds like. I can't believe how big they have gotten so fast. It really does feel like just yesterday I was just standing thier staring like a loon at these two itty bitty bundles and now they are sitting up!!!! eek!!!!:-)

  2. I loved the new photos and baby updates. Reagan looks like a hockey player in his new helmet. Dad should have demanded a red helmet in honor of the red wings!

    Grammy W misses you all!! It will be another couple of weeks before I can get there. Makes me sad how much I will miss in the next few weeks. Keep me posted with the blog!