Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Everything is going well here in Indy. We are getting ready to have G & G Adams come visit. Possibly Unlce Lance as well. That will be a fun time. Next week we will leave for a trip to Detroit. Can't wait to see everyone.

Today was Reagans first Physical Therapy visit. It went well, he tolerated as well as can be expected. The PT was impressed with how long he could stand to be on his tummy so I'm glad we have been doing the tmmy time. The good news is that according to the PT his problems are more with turning his head and less with a tilt. This should be easier to correct! Yay!

Today Claire decided she DOES like carrots. Despite what may have been previously reported! She is a little finicky. This weekend we had some fun and played dress up. Claire was quite the model.

Last night Mommy had her Multiples meeting. It's nice to get out of the house and hear what other people are doing. I get good ideas and always feel like I have nothing to complain about. Last night we had a couple join us who was pregnant with Quintuplets! Yikes!

Well here are some pics! Enjoy!
Reagan thinks sydney is FUNNY. He laughs when she barks. Claire likes the exersaucer, so does Mommy!

Awwwww, what a pair!


  1. Yes, what a pair! Great pics! Tell them to come over some day!

  2. They are too adorable! And Sydney is precious as per usual... I would say the Wilmering crew is doing great :- )