Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Everything is going well here in Indy. We are getting ready to have G & G Adams come visit. Possibly Unlce Lance as well. That will be a fun time. Next week we will leave for a trip to Detroit. Can't wait to see everyone.

Today was Reagans first Physical Therapy visit. It went well, he tolerated as well as can be expected. The PT was impressed with how long he could stand to be on his tummy so I'm glad we have been doing the tmmy time. The good news is that according to the PT his problems are more with turning his head and less with a tilt. This should be easier to correct! Yay!

Today Claire decided she DOES like carrots. Despite what may have been previously reported! She is a little finicky. This weekend we had some fun and played dress up. Claire was quite the model.

Last night Mommy had her Multiples meeting. It's nice to get out of the house and hear what other people are doing. I get good ideas and always feel like I have nothing to complain about. Last night we had a couple join us who was pregnant with Quintuplets! Yikes!

Well here are some pics! Enjoy!
Reagan thinks sydney is FUNNY. He laughs when she barks. Claire likes the exersaucer, so does Mommy!

Awwwww, what a pair!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


First Vacation! :-) First Ear Infection! :-(

We will start with the good and end with the bad... In the end of July/beginning of August I took Reagan and Claire to Seattle with my parents to visit family. We had lots of fun. The plan wasn't as bad as I thought although I'm sure everyone who had to sit by us started out nervous. I defnitely recommend flying when they are this young, when they are older you may not want to.

While in WA we went to Friday Harbour in the San Juan Islands, Mt. Rainier, Downtown Seattle and hung out at my Aunts. We were kept pretty busy. I think R & C's favorite was the Fish Market! Look for pictures at the end of this blog!

Recently Reagan and Claire have been trying more foods. Reagan was not a big fan of rice cereal but he loves oatmeal cereal and peas. He tolerates squash. Claire thinks all cereal is fine but peas make her gag. Me too! I think she is afraid to have me put anything in her mouth again as it may be peas.

Reagan will soon begin Physical Therapy in our home once a week for an hour. they will work on his neck where he has torticollis and his body as he has general stiffness. this is common in multiples and preterm babies-things they don't tell you about having more than one at a time. We are hoping that the therapy will help his head shape as it has gotten a little mishappen due to his favoring one side. I did take him to a pediatric cranial facial plastic sureon-talk about a specialty- he said it is up to us to decide if we want to do the helmet. We have some time to decide so we will see if therapy helps but we are leaning torwards the helmet. I'm afraid of him having to grow up with a lumpy head! Of course he is handsome even with the head shape.

And now the bad news, or more sad for us, Reagan got his first ear infection and decided to let us know Friday night. Both have been stuffed up all week but other wise fine. Well now Reagan is pretty grumpy and sad. I had to take him to the pediatrician Sat. morning, he has been put on amoxicyllin, he doesn't like it. He is starting to show signs of impovement, thank goodness!

Well here are some pictures! Have a great week!