Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Three weeks!

Well we have made it so far. They are both doing great, growing big and strong. We go for our one month check up next week! Right now my Aunt Judy is here helping and my parents are coming next week. Then we will pretty much be on our own except for some random weekends. We have been so lucky to have the help. It seems like one or the other is always awake now, which is fun but doesn't give us a lot of rest.

Reagan is here with me now, sleeping in the baby sling. They both love to snuggle and I love to wear them! Yesterday he was awake for three hours in the morning, he is probably still tired from that. He and I took a little stroll through the neighborhood this morning as soon it is suppose to rain and get cold again. :-( After these 70 plus degree days that will be bad!

Claire is definitely a talkative little girl, she isn't even quiet when she sleeps. It makes you wonder whats going on when you DON'T hear anything coming from her!

Right now they both sleep together in the pack n play. Reagan did take his first nap in the crib yesterday but they like to be together and I like having them right there is they wake up.

Well I will take pictures later and post them!


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