Monday, March 5, 2007

An update from the Wilmering family, via a good friend...

Hello, all!

Yes, this is Amanda's good friend Tara bringing you the latest and greatest news from the soon-to-be-family-of-four! I just talked with Amanda on the phone, and since she can't go downstairs (due to being on bedrest), she entrusted me with her blogger log-in name AND password to bring you the scoop! I am quite honored to be her personal blogger...

Here's the news:
-This past weekend: After a non-stress test on Friday, she was admitted to the hospital overnight due to reporting headaches and increased blood pressure. Her doctor said he was being cautious, but nonetheless, it never feels good to spend the night at the hospital (Amanda's first time). An on-duty doc let her go home on Saturday, and she's been home ever since, on bedrest of course. Per Amanda, Ryan is doing a wonderful job ensuring she lays low and takes good care of herself during these last days of pregnancy.
-Tomorrow: Amanda has a dr. appt. at 10AM. She is hoping to learn more information regarding where they'll go from here (a.k.a. when the end will finally be in sight). She is 36 weeks today, and the doc has told her that they can induce at 37 weeks. So, they're getting *really* close.
-Carseats: They were installed today by Amanda's friend, Erica! Yay--the twins now have a safe ride home after they make their grand appearance any day now...
-Rash: It is hardly visable anymore, and thankfully it is feeling better and better. Yippee!
-Mexican food: Tonight Ryan brought home one of Amanda's favorite Mexican dishes from a great local Mexican restaurant! What a husband!

I think this sums it all up! Like all of you, I'm so excited for them and cannot wait to meet their precious little ones... Send lots of prayers to Indy!

Signing off for now,
Tara, Amanda's long-time friend who is SO excited for her...

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  1. Thanks so much for the great post Tara! Ryan found a way for me to use his work laptop upstairs so I can have some fun, yay!