Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Loooooooongest day EVER

Well yesterday morning I had an ultrasound with my regular ob. It's really hard to get a lot of good pictures of anything right now, they are both so squished and there are a lot of shadows. After getting all the measurements they could they were concerned about the babies lack of growth and low amniotic fluid levels. With my blood pressure also starting to inch it's way up the doctor was saying things like "34 weeks is a good time to deliver". First though they wanted to send me over to the perinatologist for a more detailed ultrasound and scan of abbies brains.

They scheduled me in immediately and I had accross the street. Here everything looked much better. they had both babies measuring over 5 pounds and good levels of amniotic fluid. the doctor was quite happy and said our babies are very healthy and we shouldn't worry. Of course it only took an hour and a half of ultrasounding on a table laying practically upside down to determine that. And of course there is a but... While the growth looked great they caught an accelerated heart rate on baby A of over 200. Obviously not good as a baby's heart rate should be between 110 and 170. They were not able to reproduce the heart rate but needless to say they wanted to send me over to the pediatric cardiologists office at Riley Childrens hospital. So they squeezed me in there and I headed downtown.

Luckily after doing echos on both babies hearts and looking at the entire structures more carefully they felt that they both looked good. No reason to be concerned just keep up the NSTs. They had an explanation but my mind was so warped by then I didn't really take it all in.

So you would think my day was over but of course it wasn't. I had to go back up to the Northside for more lab work so they could further investigate my blood pressure. Hmmmm I wonder why my blood pressure might be up, could it be because I have a rash all over my body and all I do is go from hospital to doctors office to hospital all day? Nah.

Well hopefully now things will calm down. Ryan's parents and sister Katie are coming down to help this weekend. Get some food made and freeze it for later. These babies could be here pretty soon!

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