Monday, January 15, 2007



Hope all is well with everyone. things are getting close for us here in Indy. Ryan and I started our hospitals childbirth class last week. Hopefully we will get something from the classes that are once a week for four weeks. So far it's not too exciting! Tonight I'm going to a breastfeeding class.

The babies are continuing to grow and move a lot! My belly is constantly moving and seems like it changes shape all the time. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and ultrasound so we can update more on the sizes then.

Today my friend Erika had the day off so she came over to take some pictures for me and everyone to see just how big I look. Not too bad for 7 months with twins, I hope you agree!

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  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me come take a few pictures. It was so much fun and you are a wonderful model!