Monday, December 18, 2006

Thank you!

We had our first of two showers this past weekend in Grand Rapids. How fun! I still can't believe how much stuff we got, we couldn't even get it all home. I guess Grandma and Grandpa Adams will have to come visit! Everyone is so generous and we really appreciate it. All our money is going to furniture, diapers and more diapers!

My next Doctor appointment is Thursday, I'll be having an ultrasound and talking with the doctor about going home. Still crossing our fingers that we will be able to go home. everything has been going well, no more crampy back aches or pelvic pain. The doctor has advised me to wear a maternity belt to help hold the babies up, they are getting heavy fast! Right now they are probably a pound and a half each, add to that the placentas and amniotic fluid and it's getting up there! My doctor has also prescribed an extra dose of iron as anemia is very common in twin pregnancies, I don't look forward to that pill one bit.

25 weeks!


  1. Looking good! Hoping and praying you'll be able to make the trek home to GR...

  2. Taking Iron will be awesome. It makes you more metal, not that you, of anyone, would need it.

  3. Just pretend it's making you '80's metal. You could name each pill after an awesome band. "Today, I'll be taking Cinderella, tomorrow Bon Jovi, and Tuesday, Motley Crue.