Thursday, December 7, 2006

One Tired Uterus!

Well some of you may have heard that yesterday was a very exciting day for the twins and I. I've been having some pain in my back and stomach and after three days of not being able to walk straight decided to call the Doctor and was given a same day appointment.

I went in Wednesday afternoon and had an exam. My cervix was unchanged and the doctor said "probably just muscles stretching but let'ts put you on the monitor to be sure. So they set me up in a cushy Lazy Boy with OJ and some People magazines and I just relaxed. The first five minutes activity was pretty slow but wouldn't you know I was having some contractions. This is completely normal during pregnancy and especially during twin pregnancies but with the pain I was having and with the consistency I was having them the Doc decided to give me a shot of some medicine to stop the annoying contractions. After the first shot things did slow down but not enough to make the Doc happy and they wheeled me over to the hospital. (Luckily they are connected!)

At the hospital I had another shot of terbutaline (sp?) and had an IV to rehydrate as that can sometimes cause the contractions and "irritated" uterus. Ryan came with puzzles and the paper and we just waited it out. Luckily the babies sounded good the whole time and the Doc decided we could go home.

I am now on "home rest", I have to stick around the house and rest but I'm not on bed rest. I also have oral meds to take if the contractions should kick in more again. I will see the doctor again on Monday to see how things are going and hopefully here I can go back to normal, and to my first Michigan shower, next weekend.

Unfortuneately this does mean we will not be going to Las Vegas this weekend. :-( Sorry Cortney.


  1. Hang in there! We're thinking of you!

  2. Hope your shower's fun and house rest isn't too bad. Wish we could have come down this past weekend, but finals blow. School sucks, especially after 23 years of it.

  3. call me Monday with the update! Crew and I will be waiting... and hope to see you soon!