Thursday, December 14, 2006

6 Months pregnant!

I have to say even I am starting to lose track of where I am in this pregnancy. Now when I get emails from babycenter or pampers I have to go with what they say because I can't remember how far along I am. I've heard memory loss is a common prego complaint, probably so you'll do it again.

I had a doctor appointment on Monday. Everything has calmed down for now. I am continuing to take it easy, no shopping at the malls, but I am allowed out of the house on occasion. I got my nails done, finally! From now on the doctor is going to be seeing me every two weeks until he wants to see me even more often, hopefully that will be later rather than sooner. We are crossing our fingers that at next week Thursday's appointment the doctor gives me the go ahead to come home for the holidays. He said Monday that he will not guarentee anything until the next ultreasound and cervix check.

This weekend is my first shower. I'm very excited that I get to go. I look forward to seeing everyone and their reactions to my growing tummy.

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