Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting bigger!

Yesterday was another Doctor appointment and ultrasound. We found out that baby A is weighing in at 1 lb 12 oz and measuring at about 25 weeks 1 day. Baby B is the porker at 1 lb 14 oz, 26 weeks. The ultrasound tech said they both sem tall, they have long leg bones.
I am also very happy to report that the doctor said it would be okay for me to go to Michigan for the week. I'll just take it easy there next week instead of Indy. This means we get to see all the family and I get to go to my next baby shower. Woohoo! This will be our last trip home for awhile, probably until June. Hope we can see as many people as possible!
Next doctor appointment is in two weeks, they are getting closer and closer together. That will be the week we get to do "fun" things like test for anemia and diabetes and possibly get a steroid shot to help develop the twins lungs in case they come early. I can't wait...

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Thank you!

We had our first of two showers this past weekend in Grand Rapids. How fun! I still can't believe how much stuff we got, we couldn't even get it all home. I guess Grandma and Grandpa Adams will have to come visit! Everyone is so generous and we really appreciate it. All our money is going to furniture, diapers and more diapers!

My next Doctor appointment is Thursday, I'll be having an ultrasound and talking with the doctor about going home. Still crossing our fingers that we will be able to go home. everything has been going well, no more crampy back aches or pelvic pain. The doctor has advised me to wear a maternity belt to help hold the babies up, they are getting heavy fast! Right now they are probably a pound and a half each, add to that the placentas and amniotic fluid and it's getting up there! My doctor has also prescribed an extra dose of iron as anemia is very common in twin pregnancies, I don't look forward to that pill one bit.

25 weeks!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

6 Months pregnant!

I have to say even I am starting to lose track of where I am in this pregnancy. Now when I get emails from babycenter or pampers I have to go with what they say because I can't remember how far along I am. I've heard memory loss is a common prego complaint, probably so you'll do it again.

I had a doctor appointment on Monday. Everything has calmed down for now. I am continuing to take it easy, no shopping at the malls, but I am allowed out of the house on occasion. I got my nails done, finally! From now on the doctor is going to be seeing me every two weeks until he wants to see me even more often, hopefully that will be later rather than sooner. We are crossing our fingers that at next week Thursday's appointment the doctor gives me the go ahead to come home for the holidays. He said Monday that he will not guarentee anything until the next ultreasound and cervix check.

This weekend is my first shower. I'm very excited that I get to go. I look forward to seeing everyone and their reactions to my growing tummy.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

One Tired Uterus!

Well some of you may have heard that yesterday was a very exciting day for the twins and I. I've been having some pain in my back and stomach and after three days of not being able to walk straight decided to call the Doctor and was given a same day appointment.

I went in Wednesday afternoon and had an exam. My cervix was unchanged and the doctor said "probably just muscles stretching but let'ts put you on the monitor to be sure. So they set me up in a cushy Lazy Boy with OJ and some People magazines and I just relaxed. The first five minutes activity was pretty slow but wouldn't you know I was having some contractions. This is completely normal during pregnancy and especially during twin pregnancies but with the pain I was having and with the consistency I was having them the Doc decided to give me a shot of some medicine to stop the annoying contractions. After the first shot things did slow down but not enough to make the Doc happy and they wheeled me over to the hospital. (Luckily they are connected!)

At the hospital I had another shot of terbutaline (sp?) and had an IV to rehydrate as that can sometimes cause the contractions and "irritated" uterus. Ryan came with puzzles and the paper and we just waited it out. Luckily the babies sounded good the whole time and the Doc decided we could go home.

I am now on "home rest", I have to stick around the house and rest but I'm not on bed rest. I also have oral meds to take if the contractions should kick in more again. I will see the doctor again on Monday to see how things are going and hopefully here I can go back to normal, and to my first Michigan shower, next weekend.

Unfortuneately this does mean we will not be going to Las Vegas this weekend. :-( Sorry Cortney.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Yuck! Winter!

Well the weather outside is gross but that just means we are a little closer to being parents. I know it's still unbelievable to me too!

Today I had a doctor check up, with ultrasound of course. They are doing great. Baby A is on my right side and feet down. He/she is about 1 pound 2 ounces and measuring at 22 weeks 2 days. Heart rate was 138 bpm. Baby B is on the left and is definitely the mover and shaker of the two for now. Baby B is measuring at 22 weeks 5 days and 1 pound 3 ounces. Baby B's heart rate was 142 bpm.

It's hard to see much in the pictures anymore, they are too big to get the full picture but it is fun to watch them moving around in there. They are just now starting to hear and developing their sense of touch. Amazing!

I'm still on track as far as my health goes, good blood pressure and all that fun stuff. I did finally reach the twenty pound mark which is on target for twins if not a pound or two under. The ultrasound tech said I carry well, I look smaller than some she has seen carrying only one baby, I love her.

Baby room is all being ordered. Showers are being planned. It's for real!

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Stay warm everyone!