Friday, November 3, 2006

Lots of baby updates!

Today was my appointment with the perinatologist. Everything looks wonderful. It doesn't look like I will have to see the specialist again. Today they were laying one head down and one feet down. Baby B decided kicking baby A in the face would be a fun thing to do. Do they already not get along? I felt a lot of kicking during the ultrasound, apparently they aren't fond of getting their pictures taken, well they better get used to it.

After the ultrasound I went to Baby Gap and found a bumper pad and crib skirt for only $20.00 each. Yay! I was planning on being cheap and not getting either of these things but who can pass up something for $20.00 from Baby Gap? The print is called Safari in case anyone is interested.

Tonight Jenn and Katie are coming down to visit and stare at my stomach. :-) Can't wait.

Also there will be pictures soon we just had a little camera trouble, maybe we need a new one, that can't happen when the babies get here.

1 comment:

  1. good thing I live close and don't have to rely on the camera for photos of your growing belly!

    Great deals on the GapBaby finds... I'm proud of you! Your little ones will be sleeping in style!