Monday, October 23, 2006

The Sydney Monster

Is Sydney ready to be a "Big Sis"? Sydney is our first baby, our four year old mutt we got while living in Bloomington. She is very spoiled right now and who knows if that will have time to continue once the babies get here! Hopefully Grandma and Grandpa will still pay attention to her.

Some people worry about how a dog will act around children. Ryan and I feel confident that she will be well behaved. Sydney doesn't seem to mind children, she really loves any one she can play with and will pet her. We've been training her since we got her and exposing her to as many different people as possible. The difference will be these babies will be here to stay.

The biggest problem I foresee is with toys. Sydneys favorite thing to do is ruin her own toys. What will she do with the babies toys. Lets hope they don't get really attached to anything...

I really think Sydney will fall in love with the babies once they start eating, and throwing solid food. Jackpot!


  1. Little Sydney... how I love her. She will be GREAT with the babies! Especially once they get mobile:-)

    Give her kisses for me.

  2. If Sydney doesn't like the babies, you can just send one of them this way. Angus would love a new play-thing.

    The babies look so cute on the ultrasound!!! Little girls, I'm tellin' ya...Little girls. So with Sydney being a girl, they're'll be WAY too much estrogen in that house for Ry-Ry (do dogs have estrogen?). You think he's got an abnormal obsession with all things sports NOW...just wait until he rebels.

    Can't wait to see you in Vegas!

  3. I like Mike because he eats and throws solid food, so that's a good point.